it's been a long road...

Samantha first got in touch over two years ago, she and James had decided to get married after their beautiful blonde boy Anthony was born. I remember taking her out for coffee near her home, so that we wouldn't upset his routine too much, and he was SOO tiny! Such a perfect baby too, slept through our whole meeting, even though we took our time as she talked about her dream wedding and her love for her new little family.

Then, life got in the way, James lost his job, they moved house, money got tight. SO, we put her payments on hold, because we are flexible like that, and I wished for them to come out the other side sooner rather than later.

Surprise! A new addition to the family was coming, how exciting. Perfect little Ellie arrived early and tiny, and plans got underway again.

I always knew this would be a wonderful wedding. Seeing this little family together whenever I went to visit, their love and commitment to each other was so very obvious. I'll let the pictures tell the story of their day.

whitehaven receptions

Logistics dictated that Sam and James get ready separately, and with James' mother close to their venue, Samantha and the girls hired a cottage for the weekend to give them much needed room.

The ceremony venue was the same as James' mother had been married in nearly 30 years before, and while much has changed, the beautiful elements that made her wedding day special were still there, and the couple were delighted to be able to use it for their own wedding day, even being able to recreate some of her treasured wedding photos.

the cars

Family and friends offered their cars to the lucky couple, and they were perfect, not only for the colour scheme, but also the vibe that they provided. Muscle cars for the guys, and a restored and repurposed vintage kombi for the girls.

Chris and I both love cars, so we were really impressed to be able to use these in photos, and feel that they deserve their own gallery.

whittlesea golf club

Perfect for small gatherings, Sam and James chose the Whittlesea golf club for their reception, not only for it's great atmosphere and food, but oh! that view!!

Friendly and attentive staff, enough room to relax with friends, child friendly areas, what more could you really ask for?? Oh wait, that view!

Did I mention that Chris and I thought the view was AWESOME?!