Hot Summer nights

One of the things that I love about building a community, is that when I hear about something awesome happening, there is nearly always someone who will come to it with me and have some fun.

Talise answered my model call when I found out about a car meet-up on 12 hours notice! Chris and I headed out to a nearby McDonald's car park with our fingers crossed and were NOT disappointed. I know the car and bike owners were thrilled to help us out with backgrounds for this amazing gown.

Enough talking, I know that you are here for the cars and the gorgeous model and the incredible holllywood gown! Because this was a practice shoot, I took the opportunity to get a little arty in photoshop with some of them.

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model in thigh high boots and black hollywood gown posing with black motorcycle in carpark
blonde model in hollywood gown and thigh high boots posing with orange muscle car
model in high boots and black gown posing on ground with yellow subaru wrx
model in hotpants and long boots posing on bonnet of white muscle car
model in hotpants crop top and high boots posing in front of show car with lighting effect
model in thigh high boots and hollywood gown posing in front of bright yellow mercedes
blonde model in long boots and hot pants posing with lighting effects
model in hollywood gown posing with motorcycle
model wearing hotpants, fluffy gown and thigh high boots posing artistically with vintage mustang
blonde model posing on ground wearing boots and hotpants in front of subaru wrx