I did my first simple ceremony with Perfect for You Celebrant, Innana, in Carlton Gardens last month. We were both quite excited to be working together after several months of planning.

Typically in Melbourne, we had an overcast day which gave serious thought to raining early on, nevertheless Tina and Debbie were radiant and undaunted and at least it meant that the beautiful gardens weren’t full of bystanders, so we could select the prettiest spots.

Two brides, it’s a photographer’s dream, particularly when they are both so very beautiful and full of smiles and love.

Tina and Debbie took advantage of a special that Innana and I are holding for the first 10 people to book one of the ‘Simply Perfect’ ceremony and photography packages. Included is a choice from three beautiful ceremonies, any where in the greater Melbourne area, with the Candle Ceremony being chosen by the brides, and the package also includes photography of the ceremony, and an hour afterwards, with all edited images delivered via Dropbox or on DVD (I don’t put a maximum limit on images for any of my packages).

Ms D, A vision in Red with handmade paper roses for her bouquet.

Optional extras on this package include hair and makeup, among other items such as extra photography time, extra candles or other accessories. Tina and Debbie chose hair and makeup by Visionary Alchemy for hair, and I provided makeup services on top of photography, and both brides were delighted with their final looks.

Ms T, her elegant black outfit showing a cheeky peek of an amazing pink underwear collection. The matching handmade paper bouquets were the perfect accent for the two contrasting outfits that the brides chose.

Although they chose a very private ceremony for their commitment vows, with intentions to have guests at a legal wedding when they can, the package that we have put together allows for up to 40 guests, with options that cater for larger gatherings.

That very special moment when two people in love voice their commitment to each other.

The gardens were being readied for a public event, which meant that the beautiful fountain and exhibition centre were off limits or covered with workmen, but the surrounds are so very very pretty and we found several beautiful backdrops for them.

Of course, because we are located in Melbourne, eventually the weather did get the best of us, and we returned indoors for the actual lighting of the candles. Champagne and cupcakes finished the afternoon of love and laughter.

Candles, roses and bling, a perfect accent to begin a life together filled with love and laughter.

Tina and Debbie, we wish you both a million years of happily ever after!