Time is flying by. It’s only two weeks now until we launch our gorgeous new product range. 

I have made no secret about the fact that I LOVE printed images. I honestly don’t believe that a photography session is truly over until I see the look on the face of my client when they first set eyes on their prints. It’s a magical moment, and is their happiness is the reason I do what I do.

For our first year in business, I kept the print options VERY simple. I was still feeling the waters, particularly as we are well and truly in the digital age, and I wanted to be able to display all the options that I offer to my clients. Not much space for display, means not many products get displayed.

But now, we have a new studio, more space and I am thrilled that more and more women are contacting me because they have SEEN prints that I have created with other women, and they want their own!

A comparison between our standard boxes and our new extra deep. You can have either one, it’s totally up to you!

So, off hunting around suppliers for more offerings. My current offering centres around ‘the little black box’ and that’s not going to change. I just love this box. The textured leather, the lovely bow, the gorgeous white mats with the V groove nestled against the black velvet frame. It’s elegant, classy and beautiful, just like the women I photograph.

I still haven’t decided on whether to offer black mattes as well as white. But here is what they look like in person.

But now, I can offer a different option – DEEPER boxes, which means MORE prints in each, as well as the option for an easel to display a selected print somewhere special. My old boxes would hold no more than 12, now I can offer up to 20 prints and an easel, all in the same quality packaging.

Our lovely new easels, they will hold our new image sizes beautifully.

As of September 1, there will be three options for boxed prints;

Small – 10 prints, boxed and matted, ready for display or presentation

Medium – 15 prints, boxed and matted, easel as an optional a la carte extra

Large – 20 prints, boxed and matted, easel included in price

Sturdy construction and a beautiful white finish.

For those choosing the easel option, the disc or USB of digital negatives will be presented in a presentation case at no extra charge.

Don’t forget, that anyone who books their September session before August 31, can have the option of choosing from either our current product range, or the new product range for their images. It’s so very easy to book your session here