Linda and Rob Frankston Victoria

I will NEVER forget this wedding. It was so beautiful, so meaningful and so filled with love that I thought all the hearts here would burst.

When Christine from Soulful Ceremonies got in touch after meeting at a networking event, I have to admit, although I didn't hesitate to offer to help, I really didn't know if I could do this wedding justice. My husband was in ICU after a serious motorcycle accident, my world had been turned upside down and I didn't think I could put my all into it, which is what Linda and Rob deserved.

But I did it. And it was the easiest and most difficult wedding I will ever be a part of. Easy because the love was so obvious, the genuine desire for this lovely couple to spend their final days as man and wife, the love that their family and friends wrapped around them, it was easy. It was SO difficult, trying not to cry when they looked at each other, the love in their eyes obvious for everyone to see. They deserved years and years of happily ever after, they deserved to be able to shout their love from the rooftops, and all they could manage was a small front yard ceremony. Life isn't fair, but Christine went over and above to make their wedding day beautiful.

I will always keep the thank you card that Rob gave me in plain sight in my office. Every time I am struggling, I read it and my faith in humanity is restored, my love for what I do is refreshed and I realise that I CAN make a difference, and that is my why. THANK YOU Christine, Rob and Linda for your trust in me.