What are you afraid of??

We understand that not everyone loves snakes the way we do, that's why we make sure we put snake in the title of these blog posts.

But, what if you challenge yourself?? What if you take a fear, a phobia, and turned it into an empowering experience with beautiful memories??? Krystal hadn't handled a snake before, and while she wasn't scared of them, she was definitely challenged by the idea of cuddling up to one while wearing almost no clothing.

short haired woman in red lipstick holding bling handcuffs and smiling in boudoir
short haired plus size woman in lingerie touching red lips with eyes closed
close up photo of woman in red lipstick with handcuffs and plunge bra showing cleavage

After warming up with some boudoir style images, Krystal declared herself ready to embrace her wild side. A touch up of her stunning makeup by Sleeved Mumma, Neeners came out to play. Being in the warmer months, she's quite active and friendly, and of course, we make sure to feed her two days before a session, so she's had time to digest and rest.

Krystal and Neeners warmed up to each other quickly, creating awesome images and both of them found it hard to separate at the end of their session.

short haired woman in dominatrix mask balancing handcuffs on fingers near face
plus size woman in black underwear posing seductively on bed
woman laying on back with hands crossed above head wearing handcuffs

Naturally, even though Neeners is quite happy to be handled and play with people, when it comes to photos, we do what Neeners wants, which results in some creative photos and some incredible poses and looks that surprise us all the time.

Neeners, and her new blonde sister Buffy, are only availably by appointment in the warmer months, so if you would like to cross sexy snake photos off your bucket list, get in touch HERE and I will get back to you within 24 hours to help you create an awesome luxury experience that you deserve.

short haired woman in red lipstick and glamour makeup wearing fashion hat with snake around neck
short haired woman in glamour makeup wearing lingerie with snake on shoulder
plus size woman in black stockings with snake on legs
plus size woman in sexy lingerie posed on chaise lounge
plus size woman in lingerie dancing in hollywood gown