another collaboration!

side by side ceremonies

It's no secret that I LOVE to collaborate with like minded people. Extending the network of professionals that will help a couple planning ANY kind of wedding is a priority and a pleasure

Kylie from Side by Side is a brand new celebrant and she just wants to help people get married THEIR way, perfect! A local networking group had just formed and we'd met in person, talked and talked and realised we were absolutely on the same page. She needed photos to show her in action, and my network of models and fans (and studio wardrobe) was perfect for a fun day!

all the stylists

Just because you are planning to elope, doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful ceremony, and that's where Beyond Elegant by Sherry came to the party.

Sherry's arbours are modern and beautiful, they can be decorated SO many different ways, she offers free delivery, set up and pickup, so no hidden fees, and I think you will agree that they have really helped set the scene for these two mock weddings. I don't think I've ever worked with such a friendly and fast stylist.

Arbours and flower arrangements are a perfect set, and Linda from Brunswick Flower Hub provided the beautiful red and white arrangement on our alternative mock wedding, they photographed SO beautifully and were the perfect background for our two beautiful brides (who hadn't actually met before the day lol!)

Of course, even eloping brides love to have a bouquet, and for these, my first and only choice was another Linda, this time from Bling Bloom and Bow Ties. Linda handmakes every bouquet, and her unique and creative style was PERFECT for the settings that we chose. We missed out on the amazing hand made Italian ceramic bow ties, but you can see how they will be a perfect memento for the men in your wedding on her website.

Our beautiful brides were so lucky to have Armanda from Vamped Makeup Artistry on hand to give them the perfect bridal look. Known for her Special effects and movie work, she stretched out into the wedding field just for us, and we are SO grateful, check out that GORGEOUS look on Brodie in the black and white dress!

That pretty much sums up everyone who was involved in a VERY fun day, I am SO grateful for my friends who helped out, and the new friends I made in the wedding industry, I hope you love these photos and if they fit the style of wedding you are planning, check out the links on their names, and tell them I sent you!

just because

And just to finish off, here's some of my favourite pictures and some of the behind the scenes, because you deserve to see even more from this lovely day.