So sweet and simple

Takki (Engfa in her native language) and Steve are very private people, so getting married was always going to be a small affair with just their most special friends, and of course, Steve's incredible mother, as they chose her birthday to celebrate their union.

Having built a gorgeous Narre Warren backyard is a personal haven, it made perfect sense to host their wedding in their own space, it just needed one of the Side by Side Elopements decorated arbours to create an ideal setting for their nuptials, with the pink and white flowers being a perfect background for Pink Ceremonies, as Carmel is ALWAYS perfectly presented in pink!


DIY Wedding welcome sign incorporating mothers birthday backyard wedding melbourne
gold wedding rings with diamonds placed in front of floral bridal bouquet and bride's favourite perfume bottle
diy wedding memorial decoration with candles and white table runner on wooden table
Mature asian bride in natural pink toned makeup  with jewelled headband holding bouquet and looking out window
wedding celebrant in pink hair and suit posing beside pink and white round wedding arbour

As their personal and intimate ceremony unfolded, I felt truly honoured to have been included in such a special milestone for them. It was obvious that everyone was there because they mattered to both Takki and Steve, and to be included in this and to be able to create their memories was a very special feeling.

The whole day was filled with things that I simply love, small personal details were important to Takki and Steve, and capturing those is definitely high on my list of favourite things. The loving mood that they set was absolutely the entire reason I started photographing weddings, and their relaxed approach that focussed on THEM as the people getting married is definitely my favourite type of wedding. Their day, their way, with their favourite people. The PERFECT wedding, with NO Pinterest influences, just their love for each other, magnified.


bridal bouquet of australian natives and gerberas with wedding rings nestled in petals
asian bride with slicked back hair and headband holding bouquet and looking at engagement ring
mature groom in suit placing wedding ring on mature asian brides finger
celebrant in skirt suit reading ceremony to mature bride and groom standing under circular arbour
elopement guests relaxing on porch during backyard ceremony
mature asian bride and mature groom embracing under floral arbour after first kiss
mature bride and groom comfort elderly woman after speech at wedding
mature groom wearing suit under floral arbour embracing mother after wedding reading
mature asian bride and groom signing wedding register in backyard
relaxed groom pouring champagne for seated elopement guests in backyard

The private oasis felt so perfect as Takki walked out to the loving smiles of their favourite people. Steve was trying hard not to show that he was a VERY nervous groom, but a smile from his mother soon had him right, and when this incredible woman joined them to give her blessing, there wasn't a dry eye anywhere, including my own.

The crowd may have been small, but when their first kiss happened, the cheer was anything but quiet. A round of congratulations, and then I left them to head to their favourite restaurant for a double celebration lunch.

elopement group mature bride and groom with witnesses and celebrant in backyard
elopement ceremony bride and groom with celebrant in pink tones decorated arbour
groom in blue suit reading vows to asian bride in white dress and holding bouquet under decorated arbour
aisan bride tenderly wiping lipstick off mature groom after first kiss elopement backyard
elderly woman in blue dress reading wedding blessing while bride and groom cry and comfort her
elopement witnesses signing certificate while celebrant in pink and asian bride look on
celebrant in pink toasting bride and groom with witnesses backyard elopement
mature asian bride smiling as mature groom in blue suit whispers in her ear
mature groom in blue suit posing with mature asian bride in headband and slicked back hair