Country roads, take me home

Taylor and Matthew are locals to my family ancestral homes on the north coast of New South Wales. I spent all of my childhood summers on the beach they had chosen for their wedding day, so you can imagine how big my smile was when I got their confirmation email! We'd already talked about their wedding plans and I knew it would be stylish, elegant and perfect. Of course, as I still have MANY family members in the area, they got a great price from me!!

Taylor is a wedding planner and experienced photographer herself, so we had a fabulous and fun time talking about the exact memories that would help them and their guests relive the special moments, and there were many squeals of joy from both of us as each idea and detail unfolded. My parents were thrilled to know that I would be visiting for the first time in over 2 years, I am not sure who was more excited about this wedding!!

wedding guests sitting on headland overlooking ocean framed by breadfruit trees north coast nsw
detail photo of grooms buttonhole with white flower and tasmanian bluegum leaves sitting in bush with pale green leaves
bearded best man in suspenders with ear stretchers helping clean shaven groomsman pin buttonhole to shirt
best man with ginger beard and suspenders helping bearded redhead groom get dressed
redhead groom wearing white shirt pinning white flower buttonhole onto bearded brunette groomsman wearing dark suspender
grooms party in pants and suspenders greeting wedding guest before ceremony while laughing and smiling
blue and white bridal bouquet detail with rose gold and crystal hair comb, silver necklace  and pale green leaves
silver crystal and pearl hair comb sitting with white gold wedding rings, silver and pearl necklace and gold and silver
woman in dark blue long gown putting on shoes next to two women in sea blue long gowns sitting on red lounge

Everything came together perfectly on the day, despite the ravages that Covid-19 had wrought to other weddings, Matthew and Taylor were going to have a glorious wedding day, no matter what and mother nature agreed, with a beautiful breeze creating soft romantic haze on a clear day. It had been five years since they had both swiped right, they had both proposed to the other as well, so this marriage was absolutely meant to be.

Choosing to stay the night before at their venue, Corindi Beach Caravan Park, so that there would be a leisurely walk to their ceremony was something that the entire wedding party, no rushing around in the morning, just smiles and love, Taylor says it was one of the best decisions they made. We arrived after Abby had finished the bridal party hair styling, which was perfect for a day at the beach, and the very talented Bindy was just finishing up enhancing their gorgeous natural makeup look. There was a lot of laughter going on, in fact, it guided us to the right cabin! All too soon, it was time to show dad how grown-up his little girl was, and capture that sneaky tear in his eye, then a comfortable walk under the breadfruit trees, with birds singing and friends cheering, and the gorgeous ceremony started.

group of men in pants and suspenders walking down pathway to wedding, groom is scratching his bottom while turkey crosse
grooms party in suspenders and white shirts standing on cliff top waiting for bride with celebrant wearing hat smiling
two women in long pale blue gowns carrying blue and white bouquets walking down road under trees
smiling brunette with hair half up carrying blue and white bouquet and wearing dark blue gown
plus size bride with brunette hair in updo smiling at father in dark shirt and pants
plus size brunette bride in veil and long gown being walked down aisle by father in grey shirt with redheaded groom wait
cliff top wedding with ocean view and bridesmaids wearing pale blue gowns and groomsmen in suspenders viewed over heads
plus size bride with brunette hair in updo and veil holding hands with redheaded groom in white shirt and dark pants on
celebrant in red jacket and black hat performing wedding ceremony for plus size bride and redheaded groom overlooking oc
groom wearing black watch placing wedding ring on finger of plus size bride in sleeveless dress

it's in the details

Taylor and Matthew's wedding had SO many things to love about it, so many incredible details that made it simply perfect. Their florist Paper Daisy created the stunning bouquets for Taylor's vision, with the blue hydrangeas and native leaves being a gorgeous match for the bridesmaid's gowns from Lasting Impressions, where Taylor also found her dream dress after trying on only three!

The gorgeous hazy day meant that the blue was also echoed in the hues of the ocean behind them, and with the copper accents echoed in the groom's hair and beard, creating a colour scheme that was both timeless and trending, the absolute chef's kiss of wedding memories!

With such a beautiful stretch of beach close by, is it any surprise that the wedding party headed there as soon as their family and friends had finished congratulating them? Even though Covid-19 restrictions meant that their relaxed and gorgeous reception at the Amble Inn in Corindi couldn't have dancing, we managed to sneak in a quick first dance in the sand while the storm clouds gathered.

Matt and Taylor had the perfect wedding day for them, they dreamed of being surrounded by smiles and love, and their favourite advice that they would like to pass on is to not let anyone interfere with your dream plans and to do it your own way, it certainly created a magic day for them!

If you are planning a beach wedding, I hope you got some wonderful ideas and inspiration from this stunner, and I would love you to contact me so that I can help take the stress from your day and give you perfect wedding memories!

brunette woman in dark blue gown and hair updo smiling at brunette man in suspenders and white shirt holding baby
bridesmaids in light and dark blue holding blue and white bouquets drinking champagne with plus size bride on clifftop
blue and white wedding bouquet with roses blue hydrangeas and native australian flannel flowers
redheaded groom with beard embracing brunette plus size bride with veil and blue and white bouquet ocean in background
cloudy day with plus size woman in wedding gown and holding hand of groom with beard and casual dress walking on bardwal
wedding party in shades of blue walking down pathway surrounded by australian native plants
plus size wedding party in shades of blue laughing and smiling on park seats under cloudy sky
bearded redhead groom in white shirt being kissed by plus size bride while bridesmaid in dark blue laughs
wedding party in shades of blue grouped on boardwalk above sandy ocean beach
wedding party in shades of white and blue walking on beach in stormy weather