Stase Adams  is gorgeous. She’s just as beautiful inside as out. And I love taking her picture.

These images are from the second session that we have done together. The first was taken the same day that Stase took the next step in her transition process, this session was three months later. We plan on documenting her transition every three months with different themes and looks to record her progress.

Stase curled up in our beautiful chaise lounge.

Hair and makeup by Visionary Alchemy, an up and coming hair and makeup artist who specialises in cosplay, transgender and fantasy makeups. Next time, I plan to do it myself, and have already created several face charts to send to Stase for her approval.

Stase was styled by our studio wardrobe, with minimal accessories, as her hair is so beautiful and such a feature. 

Luscious long locks, I am so jealous!

It is my hope that I can do many more shoots for members of the trans and LGBTIQ community, and one day, when our government pulls their heads out of the sand, I hope to photograph weddings for all gender identifications as well. Love is love is love. In the meantime, I have teamed with Perfect for You wedding celebrant, Innana Sutherland to photograph alternative weddings and commitment ceremonies of all kinds. So you will be able to see some of those in the future.

So wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty….