Weddings. I just LOVE being a part of them. The emotion, the excitement, the happiness and the love, it’s such an incredible day.

They are a LOT of work for a photographer, and to be honest, they are quite stressful as well, there is only ONE chance to capture that special moment, no ‘please put the ring on her finger again’ or ‘could you turn your face to the light as you cry please mum??’. But I still think it’s worth it, just to be able to hand those amazing special memories to a couple just starting a whole new journey together.

I am pretty choosy with my weddings. I prefer small, intimate and slightly quirky couples who have made their wedding day unique with their own special lifestyle touches, so I was delighted to be asked to photograph Lisa and Harrison’s Ute Muster wedding.

I met this wonderful, down to earth couple through Perfect for You. Innana is a dear friend and has recently become a registered marriage celebrant so that she can perform exactly the right ceremony for today’s couples, not some outmoded ‘traditional’ idea of a marriage ceremony. We share so many of the same values that we decided to offer discounted packages where we work together, because we truly understand that a wedding day should be a celebration of the couple’s love and life together, not what other people think belongs in a wedding.

So, Lisa and Harrison are part of the “Ute Muster” family of rural South Australia, she doesn’t often wear dresses, and he is NEVER seen without his ute muster hat, with sunglasses perched on the brim. Why shouldn’t those things be a part of their wedding?? I hit it off with the entire family when we first met, about 6 weeks before the big day, and I thought Lisa was so beautiful, that I begged to be allowed to do her hair and makeup if she hadn’t booked anyone yet, and she agreed – yay for me!! Extra work, sure! But it’s something that I really love, and hey, I was going to be there anyway, as we stayed in town the night before.

Spring weddings are beautiful, in fact, the whole area bursting with new life is one of the reasons they are so popular as a traditional time for weddings, and the Clare Valley, north of Adelaide, is no different. Grape vines bursting into bud, eucalyptus in bloom, fields blooming green with new planted crops, it’s just one of the most beautiful times to visit, and with the ceremony being in a local park on a creek, we were thrilled to be able to take advantage of a perfect day. The weather could not have been more perfect if it had been paid for and booked in advance.

Like most brides today, Lisa is very cost conscious, and her beautiful bevy of bridesmaids wore their own favourite outfits, and eschewed floral bouquets, choosing instead to have delightful clutch bags to carry. The male attendants took their cue from Harrison’s stress free approach and looked quite dapper while still being true to their country life. Friends pooled their beautiful utes and cars to help out, some travelling quite a distance, which really made for a show when the bridal party pulled up.

Soon, in front of their dearest family and friends, including the brides grandmother, they were man and wife, and the mood kicked up a notch and everyone wanted to party. A beautiful heritage hotel was the venue for a laid back reception, after the ‘formal’ photos at a nearby lake, and the dancing and laughing went on for hours.

Congratulations again Lisa, Harrison and Tanner, may your years together be many, overflowing with happiness and love, and surrounded by friendship and joy.