You’re so excited because you’ve just booked a photo session. The images are going to look so beautiful hanging on the wall in your hallway, everyone is going to admire them, and you’ve even talked to the photographer about a few more intimate pictures as a gift for your self and significant other.

Then the panic starts, you have NO idea what to wear. She said to bring three of your favourite outfits, so you rummage madly through the wardrobe. Little black dress? Cliché. That gorgeous patterned blouse with the tight pencil skirt? – what if it’s a ‘bloat’ day?, and anyhow, the photographer said plain colours would really make your eyes pop. 

After half an hour, every piece of clothing you own has been weighed up and discarded in a pile on the bed. You are no closer to making a decision, and it’s going to take at least two hours to put all of this back where it belongs. You are hot, frustrated and upset. 

Why?? because you don’t see yourself as your photographer sees you. So let me help you with some ideas and hints, and even images, that will give you a head start into creating beautiful images that you will want to show off.

If you are a voluptuous curvy girl, good news! A good photographer will love working with you to show off that figure and help you build the confidence that will come across in your images. BUT, don’t make their job harder by wearing loose baggy clothing. It just doesn’t flatter you as much as you think.

To really flatter and emphasise your good points, you need to show them off. Think tank tops, outfits that skim and hug, not baggy tent dresses and bloused out tops. Here are a few images to help illustrate my point.

Ms B in our Studio, October 2014

The amazingly beautiful Ms B is a joy to photograph. Would you believe she has a 5 month old son! However, this top, which we chose from the studio wardrobe because it gave good coverage to her large bust, really REALLY doesn’t flatter her amazing figure at all. It blouses over her waist line, giving it no definition, and making her look very shapeless. Instead of hiding what she perceives as a tummy issue, it just makes her figure look frumpy.

Ms B at the same photo session.

This pose is so much more flattering, even with the same top on. Why?? firstly, we pegged the top back around her waistline, secondly, we used the pose to help define her curves and show them off. But it’s obvious that a more fitted top was absolutely the solution to giving Ms B killer curves.

So, here, in one simple list, are some ideas for outfits that will give you confidence and great images. But please, ask your photographer if you are really stuck, and check to see if they have a studio wardrobe that you can use (ours is quite extensive and covers sizes 6-26).

Remember, this is YOUR time to shine, so be bold with your colour choices. Don’t forget your favourite sentimental jewellery, hats are always a great accessory and fun in photographs, as are bracelets and chunky necklaces.

Curvy girl – think tank tops ( or SHORT sleeves if you are self conscious about your arms), plain colours, or large stripes and patterns (not small scattered ones), scoop necks, straight leg pants, pencil skirts in a stretch fabric that skim and hug your hips. High waisted skirts and pants to smooth the tummy

Willowy girl – consider a push up bra if you really want to create a vixen look, a few frills on a v neck will give you nice curves to work with, short skirts to create some width at the hips

Petite girl – long tops and long skirts or pants to help give the illusion of height, your photographer may shoot you from a step up or from the floor too, don’t be alarmed, you will love how long your legs look.

Men – plain colours – the more patterns on your shirt, the less we notice your gorgeous broad shoulders. V necks or shirts that have the first button open, so that we know you have a neck!