forever and always

Kylie and Kerry were best friends, buddies, mates. They had spent years with the wrong partners, then one day, they looked at each other and said 'you and me babe, forever and always' And so, their blended family came into being. Suddenly, life was GOOD.

Over the years, there were ups and downs, but it wasn't anything they couldn't support each other with, their love grew stronger and stronger, their family grew, then started to grow up. Life was GOOD.

Marriage entered the discussions over a beer of an evening, but what they had wasn't broken, so why try to fix it, they were happy. More than that, they were besotted, they were in love. Life was GOOD.

Some of the kids mentioned marriage as a logical step. Everyone talked about it, but decided the hassle of planning and organising was something that they didn't want to have interfere with their good life. THEN, Kylie found Side by Side Elopements on her Facebook feed one day, it was fate. They COULD have a beautiful and meaningful wedding, and not have to spend a lot of their precious together time planning it, even better, as an elopement, there were no awkward 'who do we invite' discussions over the dinner table.

Kylie showed Kerry and he was all for it, and even better, he came up with the idea to surprise the children and make it a family day out.

its a surprise

Over the next few weeks, (plenty of time when you don't have to stress about the actual ceremony!), Kylie found outfits including her stunning dress, arranged flowers to match our lovely red set, so she would have a keepsake, and hired a limo for the day. Parents were let in on the surprise, but promised to keep it a secret.

Kerry said he had never seen such surprised faces when he told them they were all taking the day of school for a family outing, and THEN the limo pulled up and their eyes bugged out of their head! Once they saw Kylie in her gorgeous and elegant gown, all the pieces clicked and the excitement level went through the roof.

The ceremony was short and sweet, just the way they wanted, particularly Kerry who was SO nervous, he forgot to take off his sunglasses, even though the weather was trying so hard to get us wet. He DID however, take all the children's phones and put them in his pocket so they would pay attention.

A walk through the gardens followed the congratulations and cake cutting, then off to Kylie's favourite place, the graffiti alleyways, after which the kids went home with the grandparents and the newlyweds went on a cocktails tour of Melbourne - best wedding day ever!!

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