I LOVE model calls as much as I HATE model calls.

There are so very many amazing women out there, women with incredibly inspiring stories who deserve to have them heard.

And I can’t choose them all. It breaks my heart to write those letters. The ones that say “not this time”. I want to photograph them ALL, I so desperately want to see the light in their eyes when they understand how truly beautiful and amazing their bodies are. 

But I can’t. I can only offer my model calls to a limited number, and this time it was SO hard to choose my winner. I can’t imagine how casting directors or art directors for commercial studios manage it. I guess that is why I have chosen to remain a small and personal studio, rather than work for a larger conglomeration. 

However, make a decision I did (see me channeling my inner Yoda with that Syntax??). There was just something about Nikki. The hope in her eyes was inspirational, the smile that spread across her entire face when she realised that I truly believed she was beautiful, and that I meant it when I said it. Somehow, I just knew, deep in my heart, that she was the one for this round of model calls. 

Nikki’s story involves body shaming from childhood, and although I don’t believe the intent was malicious, those words can really hurt for a LONG time. As anyone who reads this blog knows, I don’t care WHAT body shape you are, you deserve love, support and respect. Willowy women are amazing with their long lean fashion look, ‘standard’ women have that special shape going on that is SO feminine, and curvy, voluptuous goddesses, oh my, how that cleavage and hip swing can heat up a room! 

So, it’s session day. Like all of my clients, we have discussed styles, and I now realise why I like Nikki so much, she’s attracted to classic glamour and beauty. LOVES pinup and Marilyn Monroe and falls in love with both Ms Chaise and Marilyn, my tutu. Pair that with the beautiful new “Audrey” shoes from Poison Apple that we have added to the studio wardrobe, and Oh, this is going to be fun!

Even better, I was the lucky hair and makeup artist for this session. Visionary Alchemy was engaged on a Tropfest film shoot, and unavailable. I relish the chance to give my clients their pamper session myself, and Nikki’s hair. WOW! So soft and shiny and thick.

But you are all here to see the images we created, because that is the best part of photography, so, here they are. Did I mention this is the first beauty shoot from the new studio?? Apart from getting some images of Minerva while practicing lighting, and doing some work for the New Melbourne Browncoats (I am a platinum sponsor of their very good works). I think I am now officially in love with studio strobe lights!

Best part of the new studio? SO many different moods and looks in a lovely intimate space. Every session is going to be different and beautiful.

Old style soft film black and white through to dramatic crisp portraiture, glamour and boudoir can mean so many different things to different people. Let us help you find the right style for your personality.

Of course, here’s the best part of this blog post. New studio means OPEN DAY – we are organising a huge day, teaming up with several local work at home business women to give you a wonderful experience and a huge giveaway. Watch this space……