every great story begins with a snake - nicholas cage

It's almost summer here in Melbourne, and that means that Neeners is out and about, knocking on her enclosure door with her nose to let us know she wants cuddles, eating voraciously, and shedding whenever we stop looking at her (it's on my bucket list to watch her actually shed!) Of course, this means a flurry of snake sessions, so you are going to have to scroll right past if you don't like our reptilian friends. I'm so sorry about that.

I use these opportunities to challenge myself creatively, and that means model calls. Talise answered one of these calls and had the incredible idea to wear snake inspired lingerie, YES PLEASE!!

woman in sheer body suit and thigh high boots posing on bed
woman in lingerie and stiletto boots posing on bed
long haired woman wearing snake embroidered bodysuit leaning on bed with folded arms
woman in catherine d'lish hollywood gown and thigh high boots posing on chaise lounge
woman in hollywood gown and thigh high boots posing on lounge and looking at camera

Talise brought SO much creativity to this collaboration, her outfit perfectly suited our new Catherine D'lish gown, and the makeup by Sleeved Mumma was the icing on the cake!

As usual, we started off with a few standard boudoir images, while Neeners relaxed in her comfy travel enclosure, then it was on with the show. They were like two old friends who hadn't seen each other in ages, and it was very surprising to learn that Talise had never handled a snake before, she was as good as a pro, and they were blowing kisses at each other in not time at all!

Talise was an absolute dream to have in front of the camera, and I look forward to working with her again. Of her time with Neeners, Talise said " It was an incredible and empowering experience to be so close and personal with something that so many people I know are afraid of, I feel like I will never be afraid of anything again."

We only hold sessions with Neeners in the warm months, and they are limited, so as not to cause her any stress. If you are interested in booking your own session with her and/or her sister buffy, please get in touch with us HERE, and we will get back to you within 24 hours to check availability.

woman in burgundy and black lingerie holding small snake
woman in sheer bodysuit with pierced nipples posing with snake around her neck
woman in lingerie holding snake in hand away from her body
woman in lingerie and thigh high boots posing on chaise lounge with snake