pick your own sunflowers,dunnstown

There are SO many images of people in fields of flowers from photographers that I admire, but they are all in America, so I had pretty much given up hope of ever being able to use them for inspiration.

WOW! One day, on my facebook sidebar, there was an add for a farmer who had decided to open his crop to the public, not only for photos, but for people to pick a sunflower and take it home, and even better, the money raised was going to a cause dear to my heart.

There's been a Connie Simonetti sample sitting in my studio wardrobe for AGES, just dying for something spectacular to bring it out of storage, and Karina is an Endometriosis warrior, March is Endometriosis month, and their colour is yellow, win win!!

Next year they will be back, and I am already planning a couple of VERY special sessions, so if you are interested in finding out more details and going on the wait list, get in touch HERE