well, this is exciting!

Of all the things I've REALLY wanted to photograph, a SURPRISE proposal has been at the top of my list for AGES. I was so excited when Mishel contacted me to let me know that her son was planning to propose to his gorgeous girlfriend and her daughter, that I jumped in with both feet, offering to help set the scene and give a hand with decorations! Not that their location needed much help, the Skybar at The Clarendon in South Melbourne is absolutely stunning, and the autumn afternoon they chose was perfection.

runner lined with red rose petals and white floral garlands and candles with marry me balloons at the end
man and woman smiling at each other while  setting up surprise proposal with artificial flowers, petals and candles
red balloon garlands sitting in artifical plant tubs at proposal scene with marry me balloons
red aisle carpet runner sprinkled with artificial rose petals and white floral galrand with lit candles and fairy lights
pretty young girl in tight dress and heels sitting on bench and smiling
group of three bearded men sitting on bench in front of pub heater and laughing with each other

After all the preparations

Hussein and Susan were running late, stuck in traffic! His parents didn't mind at all, as this gave them time to make sure everything was just as he had dreamed of, and to check all the final details, then relax themselves. SO many family members came along to give a hand and they all spoke so beautifully about this couple, I couldn't wait to meet them.

Then they walked in....

muslim woman in modern modest clothing and boyfriend walking down petal strewn aisle at proposal
bearded young man in black coat and pants on bended knee proposing to muslim woman in hijab
young woman in modern modest clothing and hijab accepting proposal from  young brunette man in black coat and pants
modern muslim couple in modest dress walkig down petal scattered carpet runner in function centre
newly engaged muslim couple in modest modern clothing smiling at each other in undercover outdoor night time setting
decorated proposal set with balloons, flowers and candles with embracing muslim couple in modest dress
newly engaged muslim couple smiling at family and friends while holding hands wearing modern modest dress
blonde mother congratulates bearded son on engagement while fiance in modest dress looks on with red balloons in backgro
mother in red hijab hugs modestly dressed daughter after engagement announcement with lights and candles in background
two sisters embracing after engagement with friends and family in background melbourne proposal