No Blog posts for about three weeks. BAD Carol.

BUSY Carol. Tis the season. Beautiful women in my studio most days, but the gorgeous images we are creating are for gifts, and can not be shared or even hinted at until after the event.

So. What to do to help keep my sanity?? A little candid location photography.

Coburg in Melbourne’s North has a lovely little night market on Fridays in November and December, a friend sells her amazing vegan cupcakes there, so I popped down to buy a dozen or so and to look around.

This is mostly an artisan and small business market, lots of fair trade, ethically made, hand made, startup goodies, LOTS of amazing food and some incredible entertainment.

Here is a small selection of what I came away with. And yes, DH did buy an entire case of flavoured ginger beer.

Coburg Market December 2014, copyright Images with Carol

The main attraction for me at this market was the colour. This is a very vibrant, lively and friendly market to visit, and despite the security guards at the gate (I would imagine this is an insurance requirement, as it is held on council land, and is a semi permanent set up), the atmosphere is very welcoming, and everyone is smiling and happy.

Coburg Market, December 2014, Copyright Images with Carol

Coburg Market 2014, Copyright Images with Carol