Grooms deserve recognition

Sure, traditionally weddings are referred to as "the Brides big day" but what about the Groom?? what about weddings with no Brides?? You, the Groom (or one of them) want to look as important as your wedding day, because it is YOUR wedding day, so here's some ideas and hints to help you, the groom, be as in love with your wedding style as you are with the person you are marrying.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding day, and you deserve to be pampered, feel awesome and enjoy yourself !

Stylish groom at home wearing grey suit and top hat with cufflinks
Casual groom in sneakers posing with red sports car and sunglasses
Mature groom in grey suit with white buttonhole flowers and square patterned tie
young modern groom waiting in flower garden wearing grey suit, dark tie and spectacles
stylish groom in dark suit and muted tie pictured at night
groom with stubble and moustache in navy suit and pale pink tie with pink and white buttonhole

What is your style??

When you asked your soulmate to marry you, almost certainly, you started thinking about how your wedding day would look, and fortunately, modern weddings definitely reflect the couple's style, with many traditions changing and becoming more modernised. You aren't stuck with a black suit and white buttonhole any more, unless that IS your style.

So, what are your options??? Do you know how formal you want to look on your wedding day?? If you've never been a formal attire kind of guy, there's a LOT to learn, start looking at wedding magazines (yes, they have sections for Grooms!) check out the suit displays in menswear stores, maybe even do a web search for 'groom styles' in the climate you are getting married in, because, I can promise, a full 3 piece suit and dress shoes in the tropics, well, that's guaranteed to suck the fun out of your day!

PINTEREST - not just for recipes and crafts, there are THOUSANDS of well dressed variety of Grooms on there, check it out, maybe even make your own board to show your other half! Think about the colours that you love to wear on date night, is it subdued dark colours, maybe a flamboyant tie with a pale shirt, maybe suspenders and dress pants. Look around and gather ideas sooner rather than later.

Groom and best man in complementary grey and navy suits sitting on lounge
groom and best man in semi formal suits, wearing sneakers posing in rotunda before ceremony
bearded groom in kilt posing with bouquet funny wedding picture
stylish groom posing in antique chair with sunglasses.  dark and moody wedding photo
stylish groom and groomsmen in navy suits relaxing before ceremony

Now comes the fun part

Choosing your outfit.. seriously, it CAN be fun, grab the people who are standing beside you, your other half if you want them to see, and make a day of it. Make sure you make some appointments if it's going to be a large group, you will get much better attention that way. It's best to arrange your outfits at least 6 months ahead to make sure everything is altered and ready for your big day, cutting it close just causes stress, and you will be MUCH better off without that!

Start with breakfast at a great cafe, chat about your plans for the day, let your attendants know the parts that are most important to you about the outfits you will be wearing and ask for options and opinions. Then head into the stores. Take a break after a couple, have a great lunch and chat about what you still have to organise, then finish the stores on your list.

Speaking of options, be very open to ideas from the people serving you. They are experts at weddings, this may be your first, it's their 500th and they KNOW what works and what doesn't. You just may find something that you hadn't even heard of before is absolutely perfect for your wedding day.

Make sure you let the store know your budget, but be prepared to invest as well. If you are buying a suit, this is the perfect time to get a properly tailored one that will last years. If you are hiring, make sure you are comfortable with the adjustments that will need to be made and that you can check the fit a couple of weeks BEFORE you need them. Trust me, if the store suggests adjustments, GET THE ADJUSTMENTS, a suit that doesn't quite fit in places will become so uncomfortable that you simply won't enjoy your wedding day

Two grooms in blue suits exchanging rings on port phillip bay
grooms suits hanging above bed in motel suite with shoes underneath styled wedding
groom dressing before wedding ceremony tying pale tie wearing watch and cufflinks
Bearded groom and best man in kilts horsing around funny wedding photo
Bearded groom in brown suit fixing tie before ceremonyy
Groom in dark suit fixing ring bearers outfit before ceremony
Stylish groom in dark suit and tie waiting at outdoor park ceremony

making it unique

So, you've chosen an outfit and you are all happy with it, it suits YOU and it suits YOUR wedding (no pun intended). But how do you make it look different to every other groom you know?? Here's some ideas

Personalised cufflinks - not hard to find, and a great touch. Also a great gift for your attendants if you have friends who wear suits regularly.

SHOES - think outside the box, but still comfortable on the dance floor! Maybe you like personalised sneakers, maybe wingtips or cowboy boots a la Tex Perkins would really complete your outfit. And while we are talking feet, what about personalised socks??? It's not hard to find places that will print your face on several pairs, or maybe you would rather have star wars or marvel characters?? If not socks, then perhaps your ties could be something awesome.

Ring bearer in dark suit holding wedding rings on red satin pillow
flatlay of grooms personal items and wedding details
creative wedding ring photo two male rings same sex wedding photography
stylish display of wedding party suits and shirts wedding preparations
grooms tie and cufflinks and blue buttonhole flowers in stylish setting
flatlay of grooms shoes, wedding ring and tie on beige background

it's not just about the outfit

To feel your best on your wedding day, start some grooming preparations a couple of months before hand. Think about your hairstyle, get it cut, then get it cut again two days before, with any alterations that you've decided on (perhaps that fade could be just a little lower?? or those sideburns not quite so long??)

Don't forget your skin, you are going to be in a LOT of photos, and people will be looking at you a LOT, so grab an exfoliating scrub and use it once or twice a week for a couple of months before your wedding, and don't forget a moisturiser afterwards, particularly if you work outside.

HINT: if you DO work outdoors, be aware of that freaky sunglasses tan line! wear sunscreen ALL the time, and a hat, this isn't just good for your wedding day, it's good for the rest of your LIFE.

Treat yourself to a close shave on your wedding morning, it's a great thing for your entire party to get together and do. Make an appointment with your barber for a style and shave with hot towels, you will feel like a million bucks walking out of there, and you won't have to worry about any cuts from nervous hands.

Father of groom helping groom to tie his tie.  Casual groom dressed in vest and white shirt
Groom and large grooms party in dark suits and red ties. ring bearer in red suspenders and white shirt
two grooms in kilts walking hand in hand down pathway in gardens
stylish modern groom in dark suit and tie black and white photo
groom having hot towel close shave before ceremony