Everybody needs a little time away

Downtime. Vacation. Mid Week Break. Work Life Balance. When you are a self employed creative, these are just words for a large part of the early years. This year I decided to change that. I bought a small camper trailer for our wedding anniversary, and we finally got a chance to test it out during a break in lockdowns.

Not wanting to travel far, we headed to the beautiful rural town of Colac, in Western Victoria, where there is a lovely free campground on the lake just outside town. There were several other campers there, stranded with hard border closures, so we had people to chat to, and an amazing view, guaranteeing a few short days of relaxation and recuperation from the stress of working overtime, rescheduling, and the uncertainty of the last few months.

sunset over lake with birds starting to nest rural landscape colac victoria campground
stormy sky over lake with roosting birds winter landscape rural victoria
golden cloudy sunset over lake with grassy foreground rural victoria camping
heron in reeds along edge of blue lake with rural town in background landscape winter photography

Of course, Murphy (who seems to have been an optimist) has a law that pretty much guaranteed a LOT of rain while we were camping, and although that mean that our planned walks around the area were curtailed, they did guarantee magnificent sunsets and plenty of time to just sit and contemplate the view. An added bonus was giving our camper a great waterproofing test, which it passed with flying colours..

These are my favourite images that I captured between reading and knitting over the three days we managed to put aside. I look forward to going back at a different time of year, and hopefully this time, exploring a little more.

Sunset through trees with stormy sky winter in rural victoria
deep golden sunset with clouds through silhouetted trees landscape in rural victoria
grey storm clouds turning pink during winter sunset with silhouette trees in foreground