“Trash my DRESS?!?!  You must be joking!

Trash the dress sessions are becoming quite common in Australia, after starting in Las Vegas 15 years ago, as a way of combining fashion photography in dingy, dirty areas, and traditional wedding photography . They are HUGE in Germany and other parts of Europe, and I am sure you have all seen pictures that range from serene brides floating in forest lakes, through to mud caked brides, paint spattered brides, and in one famous case, a wedding dress on fire (don’t panic, it was faked!)

So, why would you do one??  And how far should you go ??

Well, there many reasons to have one of these sessions, first and foremost, you get to have FUN with a wedding dress or formal gown.  After hours and hours of being super careful, and not going anywhere near anything that might even think of leaving a mark, now you can dance through a forest, jump in the ocean, wander around amazing alleyways or pretty much anything else your heart desires.  The whole idea is to create images that can really capture the excitement of your wedding day, but without all the constraints of having to be on a tight timeline, keep yourself perfect for a ceremony or reception, and to just let your hair down and have fun.

Couples are finding these sessions a great way to create thank you cards, unique wall art, and super fun images of their finery, without all the nerve wracking details that go into a wedding day.  There are even sessions with whole bridal parties making sand castles or sitting with their feet in fountains.

Perhaps you wanted beach photos of your wedding, but there wasn’t time because your ceremony and reception were too far away?? This is the perfect way to capture romantic waterfront and pier photos, and then finish them off with a splash in the ocean, and kissing each other in the waves.

Did you dream of trailing your dress through a forest like a woodland maiden, but the weather wasn’t right and you had to settle for indoor shots on the balcony of the reception?? Well, before you dry clean that dress, organize a forest session with it.

How far do we go?? As far as you want.  The vast majority of our sessions leave a dress that is still in perfect condition, just needing a touch up clean.  If you REALLY want to get our dress dirty, we can arrange something, and conversely, if you are just TOO attached to it, or if you hired your dress, we keep a rotation wardrobe of amazing outfits in sizes 6-24 that you can arrange to use.    All of the gowns in this blog post, plus MANY more are all from our studio wardrobe, and we have matching veils, headpieces, hoop skirts, everything you need, PLUS our sessions all include hair and makeup!

What are you waiting for?? hit the contact me button  here  and let’s book an amazing session for you and your gown.