geelong foreshore

Veronica and Adam had a stunning intimate backyard wedding , she wore the best dress EVER, they blended their families in the most meaningful ceremony I have ever seen. But it was WINDY.. OH, SO windy! We decided to forego the photography session in the park that we had planned and were going to have a Rock the Frock session at a later date.

Veronica rang and asked if she HAD to wear her wedding dress for their photo session, I was curious. Turns out they were adding to their adorable family, and a maternity ANNOUNCEMENT session was in order - YES PLEASE! We set a date and I enjoyed the beautiful drive to Geelong.

Having done Veronica's hair and makeup for her wedding, we decided to go for a slightly different look to complement the beautiful green dress that her mother had purchased, and it suited her skin tones SO well! Then it was down to the foreshore - HORROR! There was a lot of rehabilitation work going on. Still, we made it work.

Not MUCH of a bump in these photos, but that little tummy grew into a beautiful and much loved baby girl.