wedding boudoiR PHOTOGRAPHY

You may have heard that boudoir is the perfect gift for your fiance on your wedding morning.

It is. No ifs, no buts, they will love it!

But you may not realize that this experience is also truly a gift for you as well.

Bridal boudoir redhead in lingerie and wedding veil posed with candles
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bridal boudoir tattooed woman in lingerie and white stocking posing on gold lounge
bridal boudoir photography brunette woman in corset and lingerie posing with veil and candles
bridal boudoir photography woman in mans shirt and lingerie posing with high heels
bridal boudoir photography redhead in white lingerie and stockings posing on bed

Boudoir photography was introduced as the “sexiest gift for your fiance” not too long ago and the new trend really took off rapidly as more and more people received these gifts and were left speechless. As a photographer that was a part of this new movement, it was very fun to see momentum and words spreading of attendants watching eyes widen with amazement as they saw your fiance open the gift just a couple of hours before seeing you walk down the aisle towards them

black and white bridal boudoir woman in veil posing in lingerie
black and white photo implied nude bridal boudoir woman wrapped in lace
bridal boudoir woman in retro hairstyle and  lingerie
black and white bridal boudoir woman in veil posing in lingerie with candles
bridal boudoir black and white portrait woman in lingerie
black and white bridal boudoir portrait woman in fluffy skirt

Boudoir is a way to celebrate and document what as old as time, has been one of the most special traditions in a person's life … the season of wedding preparation. It is much different than it was even 100 years ago. Now you have pinterest, wedding magazines, and trying to figure out your #wedding hashtag.


The overall anticipation and tradition remains. While our preparations definitely look different, the sweet sentiment swirling in your heart is all the same as it ever was. You literally radiate with the hopes, wines, and dreams this memorable time inspires. And as a photographer, I love that I get to celebrate and document all of that, the excitement in your eyes that speaks of your anticipation, that special smile whenever you mention your fiance's name, AND I can give you a break from the frantic pace that accompanies wedding planning.

bridal boudoir photography tattooed nude woman with feather wings
bridal boudoir photography tattooed woman in white lingerie poses on gold couch
bridal boudoir photography redhead in retro lingerie and makeup poses in velvet chair with nude heels
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bridal boudoir photography, woman in lingerie with veil over face
bridal boudoir photography silhouette of plus size woman in artistic pose with sheer fabric

It’s wonderful seeing you just before your wedding, feeling nervous, but eager for the pampering.

We know you will enjoy confidence boosting experience more than you ever thinks, and feel better in your own skin when we leave. THEN comes the anticipation of choosing your images to surprise and delight your fiance.

It’s a win/win. As a boudoir photographer, my job is to enter into that space with you, inspired to create something that represents you and your love perfectly.


Again, I know exactly what you are going through… so much of the wedding prep is about tasks, to-do lists, deadlines. I love that a boudoir session is a time slow down, tune out the must do-dos, and to step into this season by being present. I highly encourage you to do this for your spouse-to-be, but even more so for yourself.

bridal boudoir photography woman in wedding lingerie black and white photo
bridal boudoir photography rear view of woman wearing thong silhouetted with floral hoop
bridal boudoir photography woman in lingerie and high heels laying on bed
bridal boudoir photography woman in lingerie and high heels silhouetted in doorway