show off that bump

Your bump is gorgeous, and it's not here for long, booking a maternity session is the perfect way to have gorgeous memories of one of the most special times in your life. But just how do you do that without feeling that you look like a beached whale?

Trust me when I tell you that pregnant women GLOW, I know you don't believe me, but I have six children, so I see both sides of the coin, and it's absolutely true that you are automatically gorgeous. Thanks to those same hormones that cause horrid morning sickness, your skin is better, and you DEFINITELY have better posture right now, because you can't NOT if you don't want to have a sore back. I know you think you are waddling, but from where I see you, you are actually very graceful, and I KNOW how to show you that it's true.P

pregnant woman in red sundress being embraced by husband in tshirt and suit jacket outdoors
close up image of pregnant woman in jeans and tight tshirt holding pink gerbera flower
plus size pregnant woman wearing white tshirt and blue overshirt with hands on belly and husband embracing her from behi
pregnant woman in blue tank top with husband standing behind both have hands on her belly
dark skinned pregnant woman sitting on ground in white dres showing off bupm
asian pregnant woman in purple split maternity gown standing barefoot in park with hands on tummy

clothing hints

Now on to clothing, want you want to bring is a mix of tight clothing to show the bump off and some loose clothing to show you off. Of course, you can always take advantage of our gorgeous gowns for the second part, don't forget, they are included in your session fee.

Good tight, clingy dresses and tops are fantastic for emphasising that beautiful baby bump, and bonus, they are comfy too! However, if you choose to wear black, it does limit the types of photos that we can take, as they soak up all the light in some cases, and make your lovely ripe belly impossible to see.

pregnant woman wearing red flower crown pink dress and black jacket
pregnant brunette in lingerie posing on chaise lounge
islander couple on beach in colourful clothing  woman is pregnant man has his hands on her belly
pregnant woman in dark blue lace gown posing in park at sunset
plus size pregnant woman wearing white lace gown in rose petal bath tub
pregnant woman with hand written note on tummy and husbands hands on belly
pregnant woman in white lace gown standing in window light with hands on belly

getting Arty with it

Some women like to go for a more naked and artistic look. Depending on quite how bare you want to go you need to think about what underwear to choose - for maternity shoots we suggest simple and elegant underwear, especially under our gowns, so that beautiful you shines through.

We suggest barefoot, but if you feel up to it, we also have a range of killer stilettos and boots in the studio wardrobe.

You don't have a lot of time to have a maternity session, only a few short weeks, so if you are pregnant, and want to take advantage of our luxury sessions with hair and makeup and full use of our wardrobe, get in touch HERE so that we can check our calendar and fit you in. We will be in touch within 24 hours to set up a phone call and get the ball rolling on perfect memories you will cherish