Elegance in black and red

When I approached Kyle from Side by Side Ceremonies about working together to help non-traditional couples have the wedding they dreamed of, it was Zoey and Brendan we were looking for. Deeply in love, but with other commitments that had prevented their wedding for some time, and wanting to do their wedding THEIR way, we clicked from the very first word!

Thanks to the pandemic, there has been drama with almost every wedding we have been a part of recently, and we HATE that. We HATE that couples have this extra stress, we HATE that they can't relax and celebrate and enjoy their day properly. Kylie and I have made the decision that if there is ANYTHING that Side by Side Elopements can do to take away some of this stress, then we will happily go over and above to help them out.

For Zoey and Brendan, that meant a 7am start for photography, don't care, because now she has amazing photos of her getting ready, and the details of her outfit and ceremony before her morning wedding. It meant that Kylie took a day off her 9-5 job, because they had to move their date, she did it without blinking.

So loved up!

I already knew that Zoey and Brendan's wedding would be elegant and classy, but their outfits and accessories took my breath away. So much thought and care had gone into each part, and their personalities were reflected in every aspect. I think my absolute favourites were Zoey's red boots, and how she had chosen a dress with a cutout to show off her gorgeous tattoo.

Brendan was the epitome of sartorial elegance, his stunning red shirt highlighted the embroidery on his waistcoat, although neither could disguise that he was not only nervous but SO thrilled that their wedding day was finally here. I swear, Zoey's walk down the aisle was torture for him, you could see that he just wanted to race up and grab her and shout I DO!

Their beautiful, heartfelt vows over, with family in New Zealand joining in via live stream (how wonderful is that technology!!), it was time to celebrate. A stunning cake and champagne from a gift that Kylie and I felt was perfect, matte black champagne glasses, and then some couples photos around their venue, including the gorgeous winter Wisteria vines, and Brendan's pride and joy car, and off they went for the start of their happily ever after.

If you are planning an alternative wedding, we are absolutely the team for you! Get in touch here and see how affordable and beautiful it can be!