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Rock the frock SESSIONS

Our 'Rock the Frock' sessions are the perfect chance for you to take formal clothes out for another twirl. And if you like the idea, but you don't have a dress that suits, we have a variety of styles and sizes ( including amazing giant wings) in our studio wardrobe that you can use, free of charge. 

Rock the Frock sessions are perfect if you:

  • Have a wedding outfit that's been sitting in your cupboard since your special day
  • Have formal wear from an event that you've never worn again
  • Had 'unkind' weather on your wedding day and want beautiful photos
  • Dream of beach wedding photos but got married in the mountains (or vice versa)
  • Are looking for a fun way to celebrate an anniversary or marriage
  • Have an epic frock and just want to get out for a fun shoot
  • Just want to be pampered and spoilt and feel like a supermodel for a day

Sessions are set in grand, outdoor settings. Walking ankle deep in the ocean, skipping through the forest like a nymph, posing majestically on the cliffs of the Great Ocean Road or Half Moon Bay.

These sessions also work incredibly well in urban settings, if that's more your style - sitting, eating hot jam donuts in front of the Chrissie Amphlett Lane graffiti, playing hide and seek Melbourne University's gothic architecture, strolling hand in hand through the Royal Arcade. Bring a location idea, or we can come up with one together.

Our sessions are designed to show your outfit the love it deserves. Your clothes will only get as wet or dirty as you decide. Prices start from $295 with hair and makeover service available and include a small selection of web size digital images, with prints of the photos you love available for purchase.

What to expect

  • These sessions take place outside, so bring a jacket, and please put sunscreen on before you arrive.
  • Hair and makeup is not included in these sessions, but is available for an additional fee
  • Your outfit will only get as dirty or wet as you decide.
  • We have gowns available in a variety of sizes at no charge, as well as a small selection of male suits
  • Partners and children welcome
  • ALL Rock the Frock sessions include web size digital images in the price.


memories are priceless

Pregnancy is such a special and exciting time, and even though it may feel that you have been pregnant FOREVER on some days, you only have a few months to really capture the beauty of your ripe belly and full breasts. We are SO excited to be able to pamper you and spoil you like you deserve and give you emotional and beautiful memories to look back on and cherish.

Whether this is your first your your sixth child (I have 9, three in heaven and six who amaze me every day here on earth), believe me, you DESERVE this, and you don't want to be like me and regret that there is not one beautiful photographic memory of your journey to motherhood.

pregnant woman in bohemian gown sits in forest surrounded by candles at Warburton
boudoir style black and white photograph of pregnant woman in luxury studio in Melbourne

what to expect

Like all of our photography sessions, this is literally ALL about YOU. We are here to pamper you, glam you up and help you enjoy the beauty of your body before the frantic days of new motherhood take all of your 'me' time.

We LOVE to come to your home, where we will not only arrive with a gourmet grazing box and juice, we will also give you a full hairdo and makeover, you don't lift a finger! Then we help you choose from a bulging suitcase of gowns that WE provide at no extra charge, and then showcase you in your home environment, getting your nursery ready, some beautiful images of your glowing body, and then head to a nearby location for some outdoor images with you outshining the sun as it shines. If you prefer, we have a beautifully appointed studio located in Moorabbin to utilise instead, at NO extra charge. Of course, any family members are included in your photo session as well!

Yes, our fee includes ALL of this, we don't work to a strict clock, so your day is relaxed and enjoyable. To top it all off, you get up to $500 credit to purchase the images that you love.

proposal photography


You might have NEVER proposed before, but don't panic, we've photographed many surprise proposals, so we know how to capture that incredible moment of surprise and love for you to look back on in years to come.

Proposal photography is fairly modern, more and more couples are taking advantage of the idea to preserve this precious moment, as it makes a great addition to your love story memories.

There are no repeats with a proposal, so we help you plan, to make sure your memories are perfect and your experience is unforgettable. We location scout if you don't have a special spot in mind, we suggest the best time of day for your photos to be perfect, because you don't need extra stress.

surprise proposal decorations with balloons, rose petals and candles ready for her to be amazed
Proposal photography Melbourne rooftop bar muslim bride
She said yes when he proposed muslim bride hijabi bride melbourne
Newly engaged muslim couple at surprise proposal with family in Melbourne

i have questions!

Good! You SHOULD have questions. Proposing marriage is a HUGE step in both your relationship and your life. We like to give you all the information you need, along with free hints and tips to help everything run smoothly, so we've made a magazine! You can see it below, it's not large, so it won't take long to read. Use the arrows at the bottom to flip through the pages, and if you want to see it full screen, use the broken square in the top right corner.

what to expect

Your proposal may only take a few minutes, but we understand that the planning and preparation can take weeks, and we are here to help! We are experts at hiding in plain sight, so your intended will have NO idea what is happening.

Of course, like our other photography, this is all about YOU (well, technically the two of you!) We capture the magic unfold, we provide any finishing touches you may want, like a huge 'marry me' sign, we provide glasses and something bubbly to toast your newly engaged status, and with our 'Love is Beautiful' package, there's even a picnic for you to enjoy!

Wet weather backup?? We'll go looking for somewhere awesome that suits the two of you BEFORE the day, so there's always a plan B without you stressing.

Colour or black and white?? We provide BOTH. A Mobile App is also our gift to you, to make it easy to show off those unique emotions, instead of having them lost in your phone downloads.

man on one knee about to propose to girlfriend in Cranbourne Botanical Gardens
Girlfriend reacts to surprise proposal in Cranbourne Botanic gardens
Couple embracing after surprise proposal in Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

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